Prices and Special Offers

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Please remember that the Three’s A Crowd offer a package deal that includes four main blocks of work.

1. The ceremony music set
2. The drinks reception music set
3. The evening band music set
4. The disco

1,2 & 3 – Ceremony, Drinks Reception and Band Sets

The band are happy to discuss playing your ceremony music and first dances live or any special requests that you may have if given enough time to prepare. The band’s afternoon and evening sets are deliberately designed to have a bit of something for everyone (as wedding band’s do ). Due to the time and finance required requests for wholesale changes to the sets are likely to be impossible to provide and will probably be very politely refused.

4 – Disco
We actively encourage you to make suggestions for your disco. You can have whatever you want and you know your crowd better than us so please suggest things that you know will go down well and get them on the floor.
From specific songs to just general eras or genres (80’s/90’s/country) the more you can add in the better.

Other Incidental Music
There will be times during your day where there is background music played (eg – after dinner/during band setup). We are happy to provide recorded music during these times, but again it’s always much better if you can make a few suggestions. This is a good time to play music that may not be suitable for a disco or for dancing to, but will appeal to some of your guests (oldies, goldies and anything by Daniel O’Donnell – you know what we mean )

If you are in any doubt about anything please just give us a call.

Thanks again for your time.

2 Responses to Prices and Special Offers

  1. Peter Devlin says:

    Good website Mick. I have 3 daughters so could need you at some stage over the next few years. Lol. Peter Devlin – Magheralin.

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